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  • June 2019: Zoe's due date is getting closer, so we're been finalizing all our preparations. Over the weekend, we put the finishing touches on the whelping box. Zoe tried it several times during the construction process and she seemed quite comfortable. Now all that is left to do is keep her active with low intensity exercise and wait for her to go into labor. Can't wait to meet next litter of Hovawart puppies!

  • May 2019: Zoe is officially pregnant! An ultrasound this week confirmed that the breeding between Zoe and Priam was successful and that multiple puppies expected.  According to the reproductive veterinarian, Zoe is doing great and the fetuses are very well developed for this point in the pregnancy.  We expect this litter of Hovawart puppies will arrive around June 22, 2019. Nice work Zoe & Priam! 

  • April 2019: Zoe (DelNova's A Touch of Sass) and Priam (HovaHeart's Apollo) tied the knot, literally, over Easter weekend!  Although both Hovawarts were first timers, instinct soon took over.  Hopefully we'll be blessed with some extra special Hovawart puppies at the end of June!  View more information on the the breeding pair here.

  • December 2018: As we wrapped up 2018, the lovely Zoe finished the year off with one final United Kennel Club show in NJ. She earned a Group 3 and the final points she needed to become an UKC Champion. What a great start to the holiday season!

  • November 2018: Abigail attended a UKC event with 4 conformation shows offered in one weekend in Locke, NY. By the end of the weekend, she had accumulated enough points to earn her UKC Championship! 


Furthermore, Abigail came in first in the Guardian group during one of the shows! The Guardian group contains a variety of breeds, such as Cane Corsos, Dobermans, Great Danes, Rotties etc.  Earning a "Group 1" means that of each dog that was compared to its respective breed standard, the Judge determined that Abigail best embodied her breed standard.

  • October 2018: We had a fantastic weekend at the American Hovawart Club's Annual Specialty event in Pottstown, PA.  We had a great time reconnecting with old hovi friends and each of our dogs earned an evaluation of "excellent" in conformation from Judge Bojana Razpotnik! 

The senior ladies, Roxie and Tori, won their respective classes. Zoe placed in the Open class while her sister Abigail won Best of Opposite Sex! Furthermore, their father, Argus, won Best Male and BIS!

  • October 2018: Abigail continued her streak the following weekend earning Best of Opposite Sex again, this time at the HCNA's fall event with the Judge Michael Kunze in Cadiz, Kentucky. Tori, her mother, also earned an excellent and won the veterans class. Abigail is following in her mother's footsteps!

  • October 2018: In a spur of a moment decision, Zoe attended an UKC show in Locke, NY. (The facility was a firemen's hall temporarily converted to host two rings at once). Zoe earned two of the four legs towards her UKC Championship!

  • August 2018: In the middle of August, we took a quick trip over the border to the Mont Tremblant region in Canada in order to attend a show put on by the Hovawart Club of Canada (HCC).  While we were there, Zoe was given an evaluation of "Excellent" by the Judge Gustaaf Van Den Bosch and came in 3rd in Open Class.

  • October 2017: Zoe and I took a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA for another Hovawart breed show. We had a great weekend: our Zoe was awarded an "Excellent" for conformation as well as Best in Show from Judge Kirsten Wescheat at the HCNA fall event! Zoe also passed the temperament test :)

  • August 2017: There is a new Hovawart club in North America, the Hovawart Club of Canada (HCC), so naturally we had to attend and show our support for our fellow Hovawart lovers in the north! The Judge, Gil Stockton, gave Zoe an "Excellent" evaluation and she came in second in the open class! 

  • October 2016:​ The AHC's annual event was back on the east coast, so of course we were there!  It was wonderful seeing old hovi friends and making new ones. Adding to the fun, all of our hovies received "Excellent" conformation evaluations for the Judge Kees Van Gorp.  Zoe and Abigail came in first and second in their class!  Furthermore, Zoe came in second overall of all the females

  • November 2014: Tori gave birth to DelNova Hovawarts first litter! See more pictures of the A-Litter puppies here.

  • September 2014: DelNova Hovawarts is pleased to announce plans for our first litter! The parents will be Tori (Evangeline Victoria des Trois Petits Diables) and Argus (Biborhajnals Archibald).

Evangeline Victoria dite Tori des Trois Petits Diables (Tori)

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal,

Thyroid Normal, AHC Temperament Test Passed,

Recommended for Breeding

5 x Best in Show

AHC Champion, HCNA Champion,

UKC Champion, ARBA Master Champion

Biborhajnals Archibald (Argus)

 OFA Hips Good, DM Normal, Eyes Normal,

AHC Champion, 1 x Best in Show

AHC Temperament Test Passed,

Recommended for Breeding  

  • June 2012: Tori was awarded another excellent and first in the Champion class, this time by Judge Josef Jais at the June HCNA event in NY. Roxie received an excellent in the spayed class as well! 

  • October 2011: Both Roxie and Tori earned excellent's from Judge Min Inches the AHC event in Slidell, LO! This was a long drive, but it was worth it just to see our Hovawart friends.

  • October 2011: Would you believe that Tori did it again? Our girl won Best in Show under the Judge Ines Mirbach at the HCNA in Bethlehem, NH! What a special girl!  Adding to the excitement this weekend, Roxie also earned an excellent, placing second in the altered class.

  • October 2010: The lovely Tori won Best in Show at another Hovawart show! This time, the Judge was Min Inches, and the event was held in Hinckley, OH as part of the AHC's Annual Breed Specialty Event. This was the first event we ever attended with the American Hovawart Club (AHC) and everyone was so welcoming. We've been members of the AHC ever since!

  • February 2010:  At only 10 months of age, Tori won Best in Show at the HCNA event in Florida! This show was extra special as we were not sure that we be able to make the trip down to Florida as the East Coast was hit by a major blizzard.  Luckily, we made it to the show safely in time for Tori to shine in the ring! (Tori came to us from France from the Hovawart kennel Trois Petit Diables and was bred by Martine Dedier). Roxie prefers the cold, so she stayed home to play in the snow.