Finding the Perfect Harness for your hovawart

Product Recommendation – The Perfect Fit Modular Fleece Harness  Calling all harness fans! If you’ve struggled to find a harness that is both functional and comfortable for your hovi, I may have a solution for you.  Over the years, I’ve been on the hunt for a better harness to use when running and hiking with our hovi gang. Previous harnesses I’ve tried would either gap in the front, slip sideways a bit, or seemed likely to chaff. Then, the Whole Dog Journal released a review of the different harnesses on the market. Based on the article, I ordered the Perfect Fit Modular Harness. Made in England, this harness certainly fulfills our family’s needs.  Aptly named, the Perfect Fit harness is unique in that it is composed of three individual pieces - a girth strap, a front piece, and a top piece. You order each piece depending on your dog’s measurements. The top piece is available in different colors, so there’s no confusion of what piece goes where.  Comfort is ensured as each piece is lined with fleece (no chaffing!). The straps can be adjusted at five different points to fit practically any shape or size.  You really can achieve the perfect fit!  The harness straps are offered in several different widths: 15 millimeters ( 0.59"), 20mm (0.78"), and 40 mm (1.57"). The only caveat is that the three pieces that you select for your dog’s harness must all be the same width. Of course, the general rule of thumb is the larger the dog, the broader the strap.  Admittedly, determining the initial fit of the harness can be a little tricky. To this end, I ordered several different sizes and returned the extra without any problems.  The Perfect Fit is easy to put on. Once you’ve made your initial adjustments to the straps for your dog’s “perfect fit,” you will not need to make regular adjustments. It takes seconds to put on the harness and head out the door.  To avoid dealing with international shipping (and returns), I ordered from Clean Run in Massachusetts. The collective cost for the three-part system puts the harness on the higher end of the price spectrum ($45-$70), but so far, it’s been well worth the price.  As a reference for anyone considering this harness, Zoe (65 lbs) wears a L-M-M for each of the respective pieces, whereas the extra skinny Abigail (55lbs) is rocking a L-S-M combination (both in the 20mm width). Those of you with a more robust Hovawart dog may want to consider the thicker 40mm width. Abigail and Zoe each give it four paws!


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